Become a Freelancer.

What is Freelancer?

Freelancing has become incredibly popular in recent years, with some people using it to supplement their monthly income and others pursuing it full-time for the freedom it accords them. This surge in popularity is understandable seeing that freelancers get to choose the projects they work on, schedule their own hours, work from new locations each day, and charge their own fees.

Why at out campus?

We feel many of us have enough skills to make something /sell something/brand something and many other .What if we get platform where you got a chance to create your values in different organisation or get paid for the hard work you have put up. Everyday there are lot many new opportunities and startups/projects are coming up, everyone of them look for smartest/skilled/enthusiastic members who can help them to achieve their dreams. But they end up finding none and same problem faced by other side. So by this platform we would like to connect experts to needy & needy to experts.

How it will work?

At SIIC we get everyday many applications for startups/projects and we are also in touch with many other startups(off campus) who look for experts. Once you share details about your expertisation with us , whenever we get any kind of new requirement or opportunity , based on specialization required we will send notifications through e-mail/sms individually to everyone based on specialisation(all the details about project or task will be mentioned along with details of Startups). if you are interested you may accept offer and proceed.

Let's Create Value by Skills !!