What we do


We aim to integrate the different teams in SRM to create a cohesive and collaborative body which embraces innovation and values knowledge above all else.


We want to provide a more streamlined recruitment process for the teams. The members recruited through SIIC are guaranteed to have the basic skills required to start collaborating with existing team members.

Easier Finances

We want to make it easier for teams to collect funds and prevent delays. Leave the accounting and approvals to us.


Team Memberships

The teams of SRM will now exclusively recruit SIIC members.

Fabrication Lab

Get access to a state-of-art fabrication laboratory to materialize your ideas into reality. Had an idea at 12 in the night? Get to Fab Lab, it will be open!

Plan 10

The top 10 startups from SIIC will be backed by SRM with finances and technology.

Access to a huge inventory

Issue any device any time to use in any project. The device you are looking for is not available? Place a request for it, we will get it for you.

The Recruitment Process

  1. Complete the registration for
    Bronze Membership

  2. Pass the qualifying tests for
    Silver Membership

  3. Attend trainings and workshops(free of cost!) and prepare for interviews

  4. Get recruited by a team for
    Gold Membership

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